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The choose and buy of wood CNC router matters needing attention

Author:admin Keyword:The choose and buy of wood CNC router matters needing attention views:

Users in the choose and buy wood CNC router, should pay attention to its advertising and engraving machine and stone carving machine the difference, and emphatically pay attention to the following:

1, vacuuming device
wood CNC router will have a lot of work in the dust, carving machine design should have good dust collection device.

2, adsorption fixed mesa
Wooden engraving machine in the process of operation sculpture is very fast, strength is very big, the common fixture the fixed way that it is difficult to fixed, so choose and buy wooden engraving machine should be equipped with vacuum adsorption platform to fixed carved material.

3, carving machine power
Qualitative hardness is larger for wood, in general, woodworking carving machine needs than the advertising carving machine configuration of large spindle motor, such ability won’t appear the mavericks widening the phenomenon of car, influence the work efficiency.

4, try carved before purchase
Any purchase carving machine clients should be personal to manufacturers field investigation, best can try the carving, to see the performance of the machine. Now in the market a lot of brands carving machine quality also is uneven, buy the rest assured for machine suggest the buyer to common production on-site inspections, and the trial carving.