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RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router

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                        RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router

RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router

RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router

RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router

RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router

RTMS-1325 ATC cnc router


                         RTMS-1325 atc cnc router 

Working area (X*Y*Z) 


Table size


Body structure

                  Thicken steel made 

X, Y Structure

                   Rack and pinion 


                  Taiwan 25 size hiwin square rails

Z Structure

                  Taiwan TBI ball screw

X, Y Resolution


Max Moving Speed 


Max Engraving Speed


X,Y,Z traveling positioning accuracy


X,Y,Z repositioning accuracy


Spindle power

                  9.0kw HSD Air cooling spindle

Spindle Speed     



              380v/3phase or as customer needed

Drive type

             Yaskawa servo motors and drivers

Working  Dictate       

                        G Code

Operating system


Tool sensor


Auto oil lubricator


Wire protect


Running Environment 

                   Temperature: 0℃~45℃


                   Export wooden box

After packed size





>>Standard Configuration:

1)Syntec control system: Popular and easy operation, with USB port to transfer program;

2) Italian HSD Air-cooling Spindle: Long working life, easy maintenance;

3) Yaskawa Servo Driving Motor: With highly control precision and high speed, reliable and stable;

4) Taiwan Hiwin Guide and Block: Guaranteed genuine rail with good quality, realizing smooth movement;

5) Taiwan TBI ball screw: linear motion with high precision and and in high speed

6) Helical rack and pinion: quiet running, greater accuracy, smoother cutting and allows greater acceleration and feeding rates, longer lifetime because of smaller wearing force.

7) Taiwan Delta Inverter: Guarantee the variety working speed and protect the spindle very well;