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How to identify new engraving machine tool it good or bad

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Identify carving machine tools are of good quality is the best way of cutting experiment, but buying a new tool can’t cutting experiment, we can from the following points to identify the new tools of quality stand or fall:

1. Understand the cutting tool material, grain number. Material is high grain number the premise condition of good cutting tools.

2. Observation before the smoothness knife cutting tools. Before cutting tool knife surface is smooth, in the process of cutting tool friction small, be better able to extend the service life of cutting tools. Also on the other hand grinding tool that the quality is good.

3. Observation of the cutting tool with the blade. Want to choose the tools with narrow blade, although with wide blade can increase the strength of the cutting tool, but once a blade wear, blade with will attend cutting, lead to the life of cutter fell sharply. Sculpture industry requirements cutting force is small, the tools of sharp features and choose the narrow blade is necessary to take.

4. The more the better tool joint thin. The thin tools before that the horns, the bigger the more sharp cutting tools.

In general, can through the cutting tool material, grain number before the sword, smooth degree, blade width and tool joint with to judge the quality of carving machine tools.