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Laser engraver machines five processing characteristics

Author:admin Keyword:Laser engraver machines five processing characteristics views:

Laser processing is the most advanced processing techniques, CNC laser engraving machine is the practical application of laser processing. So CNC laser engraver machines also has the advantage of laser machining features, and the concrete has five main features:

(1) laser processing of high energy beam machining, power density can be as high as 108-1010 W/cm2, almost any metal materials processing and nonmetal materials;

(2) laser processing no obvious mechanical force, there is no tools loss, laser speed, heat affected zone is small, easy to realize automation laser process;

(3) laser can be through the glass and transparent material processing, such as vacuum tubes of internal devices such as welding;

(4) the laser can be formed through focus micron grade flare, output power of the size can be adjusted, so it can carry on the fine fine processing;

(5) can reach an average of 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm machining precision of the highest machining precision and surface roughness value can reach 0.4-0.1 um.