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What is the price of a CNC router

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Someone once asked me What is the price of CNC router I think I can not answer the question rought now . Because no one about configuration demands, there will be a big difference between prices. you need to tell me you what material you will processing by CNC router machine 。that i cangive you a probable price. CNC roter work in wood and CNC router work in metal have a very different prices. The power of wood CNC router needed litter than metal CNC router.the price is cheaper. working in diffterent materials will have different prices. the price of a wood CNC router is need 8000$ form Morntech in China .
when you want to kown what is the price of a cnc router online.That you will not get a satisfactory answer,you need asked CNC router manufacturers from different cuntries. you will give me a detailed data.then i will tell you what is the prices of CNC router.