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Maintenance of Wood CNC router

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CNC wood engraving machine in order to always maintain the parts in good condition, regular maintenance and upkeep of the machine is very important to a lot of hidden faults can be nipped in the bud to prevent fatal accidents. Different types of routine maintenance of Woodworkingcnc router is not exactly the same content requirements, but in general, including the following: 

1, CNC wood carving confidential in a dry ventilated place (to prevent exposure) 

2,Wood CNC router must be configured with a reliable regulator to ensure the safety ground ground 

3, as the output file to a computer without Internet access CNC wood engraving machine 

4, CNC wood engraving machine once every month to maintain (the screw on the amount of oil added) 

5, the control box to be placed in a well ventilated place, the work can not be placed in high-temperature zone 

6, in a certain period of time to check whether the line CNC wood engraving machine for loose 

7, not in the CNC engraving machine head placed on the table or debris (with magnetic materials, super-weight items, liquid) 

8, often time do not let the machine CNC wood engraving machine table of the same corner of the work (in case screw, guide rail and the beam did not always time to contact can not reasonably be lubricated) 

9, good lubrication, periodic inspection, cleaning screw, add or replace fat oil, the screw, nut and other parts of the movement is always good lubrication to reduce mechanical wear rate. CNC wood engraving machine computer control box maintenance If the computer and control box is too dirty, too much dust will affect the CNC wood engraving machine normal operation.

 Control box is dirty, the phenomenon may be a short circuit burned out the drive. Health must be cleaned regularly to maintain various types of card board and ventilated and dry. Maintenance of the spindle motor In order to longer, more stable use of the spindle motor, should note the following: 

1, change the water every three days 

2. Regular fuel 3, maintaining bearing lubrication 

4, can not have water into the motor 

5, to keep bearing clean and 

6 at high speed, strong resistance to the case of long-term work. CNC wood engraving machine maintenance is the need to adhere to do, but not superficial, clean up, or March in the six months do not CNC wood engraving machine maintenance work