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How CNC Wood Routers Work

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Ever wondered how the professionals create those intricate designs on wooden cabinets and cases? Well, to answer your question, many use the latest technology in the form of the CNC wood router. CNC wood routers are used to create 3D designs on a vast array of items. This system allows an elegant embellishment to be carved onto the item in complex detail and accuracy.
Here at Rockingham Display Shop we are able to provide intricate display cabinets via the use of a CNC wood router. But how does it work? Well, the CNC router is a complex machine which is a numerically controlled computer system. By using the CNC router, we are able to produce a design which is far more intricate than would otherwise be created by hand, and to a significantly higher standard.
Firstly a project is designed on the computer using a CAD/CAM program. Once the design is composed and finished, the final image is sent to a router which then cuts the 3D design according to the image which it receives. In many respects the CNC wood router performs a job which is very similar to a printer, in that the image is sent and then the final product is produced.
Generally, a CNC router will be able to move in three different directions which are commonly referred to as X, Y and Z. These carve the 3D shape into the wood sourced from timber merchants to create the overall design. The machine is very efficient and the designs created are incredibly complex and desirable.
Our display cabinets display a unique and intricate design which is achievable through the use of the CNC wood router. Our display cabinets are available to view online and they display the true finesse of the CNC wood router. For more information visit our website.