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CNC router fault analysis

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If the failure is the most troubling, if timely resolution of the fine, if not understand CNC engraving machine, looking at the problem can not solved, indeed a headache. But as long as familiar with the CNC engraving machine slowly, you will understand that CNC engraving machine will not be any major problems, only some caused due to improper operation of small failures, about a little debugging, which can be resolved.

Seventeen, CNC engraving machine rolling knife phenomenon occurs

1, Z-axis motor power is not enough, loose coupling;
2, Z-axis drive current is too small, or signal lines are wrong.

Eighth, CNC router e software when booting off axis appears

1, drive the problem or the computer output signal line is bad;
2, the motor line is bad.

Nineteenth, CNC engraving machine carving phenomena arising in the course limit

1, check whether the path carved more than engraving area;

2, the parameters set in software soft limit.

Twenty, CNC engraving machine does not boot the machine power.

1, the checks start button cable is connected and the button is burned;
2, the power cable is cut off

The twenty-first, laser cutter buttons only go one direction or stuck

1, check whether the motor circuit Weld., A short circuit.

2, drive failure or rail screw needs maintenance.

XXII, CNC engraving machine software is not normally open, carved things deformity.

1, re-installation of new systems and software;

2, Check X, Y-axis screw and screw is loose; belt wheel is loose coupling

3, the chisel has a problem.

Xxiii, CNC engraving machine spindle motor during the work suddenly stopped or slow transfer

1, the operating voltage instability or overload, you can add a voltage regulator;
2, check the middle line is connected, whether there is sealing off thread.

Round, CNC engraving machine to set the origin sometimes forward, right offset distance variable

1, the limit switch failure, the system back to the system in the process of origin limit switch is closed and bounce. Limit switches can be changed laser engraving machine

; 2, drive cable loose. Managed to close to its fixed.

XXV, CNC engraving machine can be reset to start the X axis, Y axis, Z axis position uncertain

1, the limit switch does not work (limit switch is always closed), for the can;

2, replace the bad drive

3, replace the cable interface problems

XXVI, CNC engraving machine table weak adsorption

1. Check the vacuum pump is working properly

2. Water-cooled vacuum pump water level is normal

3. Vacuum pump check valve is normally closed

4. Check the motor rotation

5. Check pipes for leaks

6. Check the pump filter is blocked

7. Countertops are sealed with debris paving of

8. Sealing strips have breakage