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Development of CNC Router in China

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Recent years, with the rapid development of China‘s manufacturing industry, China CNC Router industry and also have the good development opportunities, effectively promoted our CNC Router production and application. Our CNC Router started in economical CNC machine tools, along with numerical control technology progress, after 10 years development, has formed some domestic brand of engraving machine. The domestic various types of machine tools engraving machine body structure is simple, and most controller the reference of foreign new technology, using the micro controller based on high-end PC or the numerical control system, servo of stepping motor subdivision driver is given priority to, can obtain medium control accuracy, but the price is cheaper, so the price is higher, apply to the precision requirement is not too high popularity of applications. The sculpture of high precision processing, at present our country still for the import of CNC Router is given priority to, such as Italy, Japan. This kind of CNC Router tool machine body design good stiffness and high precision, servo motor drive, high machining accuracy, the control system complete functions, high reliability, but is expensive, often several times in domestic product, therefore mainly used in molds and precision machining occasion.