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Laser cutting machine has no light

Author:admin Keyword:Laser cutting views:

1: Check whether the normal cycle of water, so that the normal circulation of the water, if water conservation is broken, can short the use of water conservation;
2: Point the laser machine preset to see if ammeter swing, if not swing, measured with a multimeter into the laser power
have 220v electricity, if not the light, may be cutting power failure,
To be replaced;
3: GND power supply can also be ground and a short section of P water conservation water conservation is a bad test,
the +5 v and AIN maximum power output short circuit check, if the light is bad potentiometer,
Need of replacement:
4: If the program could not go light, even the cutting machine cards can be measured with a multimeter 15 (H) or 16 (L)
between the angle of angle and 14 have more than 3v DC voltage, if any, that card is a normal
, No signal may be a problem with the card;
5: laser cutter which has the sound of power, generally bad for the power connector and re-welded or
connected, then the power inside the dust blown about;