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Woodworking engraving machine requires great care, creativity must be constantly updated

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Carved object is to choose the right technology to use reasonable, carved from the process in principle is the combination of a drilling and milling processing. Can be a high return on investment projects. CNC engraving object is characterized by complex patterns, strange shapes, fine scrap wood engraving machine light structure, which is actually limited to the work of the CNC Engraving: a small tool, milling "In fact, this is also reason of the professional advantages of CNC engraving CNC engraving is a dry business practice tool can not be processed CNC carved a unique professional edge, the following industries GNC carved by the application of more handy: Die carving industry and advertising carving industry.

CNC engraving the mold production process is not a major processing methods and means of production, mold engraving tool to play the leading role CNC engraving in the industrial field, most plants die industry. But its role is minimal, can be described as the finishing touch, "which is determined by the pattern of carved objects, text, and complex surface characteristics. CNC engraving in the field of mold engraving business: copper and graphite electrode machining EDM machine is the main production equipment in the current mold industry, the demand of the electrode, electrode production and lack of professional equipment, The CNCN sculpture as an electrical spark machine for professional supporting efficient fine processing angular form new EDM electrode.Cold stamping metal dies and precision punch processing hardware industry is a major means of production, stamping dies processing is a crucial link Hardware Die mainly Cr12 for processing materials, typical die of CNC engraving can be processed: glasses angle wire glasses in the beam glasses stipule core, buttons, ornaments, coins, cutlery handles, zippers, etc. CNC engraving in precision machining punch more unique. Shoe mold and sole model for processing shoe is a worldwide industry, shoe and shoe sole processing is the main production sectors of the footwear industry. CNC Engraving Shoes High Frequency (HF) mold construction and processing of the soles of the main forms of art surface model (wood) and cut the skin die. Dripping (micro-injection) molds and doll mold Dripping mold the Dripping gifts production tools, which is typical of thin-walled, single small volume, consistency and accuracy of processing higher the CNC engraving is especially good at Surface morphology of No. 59 copper and other brittle materials, thin-walled parts processing. Watch parts machining and light CNC machining This is a typical application of the light CNC equipment, relief carving machine professional equipment for professional use, high efficiency, low investment interest Tombstone engraving machine can efficiently fine case profiled surface milling, drilling and carving, CNC engraving is also accurate fast case, bracelet, dial and diamond drilling. The same kind of light CNC machining applications, such as: ornament carving, seal engraving, product engraving, mold engraving, hot stamping template, offset printing and so on.Embossing (dermatoglyphics, pattern) carving roller of the roller and the cylindrical workpiece flower is the major means of production of leather, and decorative paper products, CNC engraving in leather embossing roller (striae) paper (napkins, wrapping paper, wallpaper) embossing roller, the application of the cylindrical workpiece engraving is very unique! 
The first plate (Push model) model processing board (Model model) the basic tools of manual mechanical engraving, CNC engraving in accordance with the physical modeling to achieve two-dimensional to three-dimensional structure, efficient fine processing model model